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  1. *.. Vast experience in the freight & shipping industry
  2. *.. Professionalism and satisfaction guaranteed
  3. *.. Keen attention to detail
  4. *.. Exceptional personalized customer service
  5. *.. Great economical shipping prices

Since 2000, we have served thousands of satisfied customers around the world.



With over 25 years of experience in the field and a proven track record, we can comfortably say “ CargoLink Worldwide is your forwarder of choice. “

We provide:

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We take the time to carefully study your requirements. We will find out the best way of shipping your goods to the destination required, keeping in mind the best transit time and most economic way of shipping. Our competitive rate structure will convince you that “ CargoLink is the freight forwarder for you.”

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Shipments come in all different shapes and sizes. We take care of any type of shipment: commercial cargo, personal goods, dangerous goods, perishables, pets, etc... Submit an inquiry directly with our handly online form.

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